Raul Costea

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Meet Raul Costea.

My name is Raul Costea and I am a pastor coordinator at Hope Church from Draganesti-Olt in Romania. I am married to Ana Costea, and together we have 3 children: Veronica, who has been a part of our family since she was 12 years old, Samuel, and Jonathan.

What does you ministry do?

Raul and his family

Our vision is to be a community of believers that spread the hope of Christ starting from Draganesti-Olt to the end of the world. We serve people (Mark 10:45) to show compassion (Mark 20:21) and engage them with the relevancy of God’s Word (Mark 1:14-15) so they will understand, respond to God, and be inspired to live a meaningful life.

We engage those who don’t know God, or who are far from him, through street evangelism (and home visits once relationships are established), home visits to poor families, a focus on university ministries (there are over 20 of them in the local area), prison ministry, new testament to every home, VBS, international outreach to Muslims at the universities, and large events (including one in April to draw young families and youth).

One of our major initiatives is Equipped to Equip. The purpose of this program is to raise new national’s potential and equip them to be evangelists and church planters. The program will fulfill our vision to saturate the southern part of Romania with churches and expose every single person to Christ.

How can you pray for their ministry?

Please pray for perseverance for our teams and favor with the people. Christian Romanians in the South only make up of 2% of the population. This number is staggering in relationship to every other religion in the area, many of which are hostel to the loss of members. Pressure from the established religions puts restrictions on meeting with the “repenting church” as we have been known to be called. With the fear of losing their prestige, safety, burial rights, heavenly confirmation, and babies’ baptisms it is hard for Romanians to trust Jesus alone.

Hillside will be sending a short-term missions team to serve with Raul’s church in October 2018. If you are interested in learning more about being a part of the trip, please email paul@hillsidefellowship.org.