Cherishing the Clingy

hillside Devotionals

“7For You have been my help, And in the shadow of Your wings I sing for joy. 8My soul clings to You; Your right hand upholds me.”

Psalm 63:7-8 NASB


My son is in this phase where he has become really clingy. Clingy in a cute way, but also sometimes a slightly inconvenient way. If you are a parent you probably already understand what I mean but let me clarify with an example.

When we drive places in the car he usually does pretty well sitting in his little carseat, enjoying the world outside as it passes quickly by the car windows. He’s a very independent (almost) 1 year old. But if he’s just the tiniest bit tired or hungry or fussy, I have to reach my arm back at the most uncomfortable angle to the middle of the back seat, over his car seat, and find his little hand and grasp it firmly in mine. He then proceeds to unfold his hand from mine and put my palm on his cheek and hold it there. For the rest of the car ride. If I try to take it away (which at times is necessary to drive safely) he will cry. But then I always put it back. Not because it makes me uncomfortable to hear him cry (although it does make my heart a little sad) but because I find happiness in feeling his comfort by something that I can so easily provide.

He will never take His hand away.

I bring this up because through this mundane (although sweet) action, the Lord showed me how He sees us. I was sitting there holding Jude’s hand thinking, “It’s so nice to have this love reciprocated and to be able to provide comfort for my little guy… I love that he has come to me looking for it.” I cherish the clinginess. Although it can be inconvenient, I know that it’s fleeting. He will, as we all do, grow into his own little personality and fall into the idea that the world feeds us; that we have to comfort ourselves…He will forget what it was like to go to his parents for comfort when he could not help himself. God reminds us that we need to come to Him as Christians.

In this moment I felt the overwhelming love that God has for me. He will never take His hand away. I can always reach out looking for that comfort and He will always meet me there. He loves to see our love for Him. He loves to see us in our weakness, leaning on Him. What a beautiful picture of our Father. Our provider. When we struggle and need companionship, we never have to look any farther. His hand is outstretched, no matter the situation. And He loves our clinginess.


– Dani Hamilton