Letter from Dave Schaffer : Conversations in Proverbs

hillside Pastor's Letter

I am genuinely excited about gathering Wednesday evening with a group of people who are seeking to submit themselves under the authority of God’s word to be transformed more and more into the image of Jesus.  I am convinced that spiritual growth, or discipleship, is a community effort.  No one can do that alone.  We need each other to point out our blind spots, to encourage our faith and humbly join in where the Holy Spirit is working. I love how Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You articulates it, “We were all designed by God to live life to the fullest when we take part in both ends of the receiving and giving of life exchange.  Through this process the church comes alive, and everyone realizes that they are a vital part of it!

Praying that our time together studying Proverbs this summer will be a blessing to all!


Dave Schaffer