God is All-Powerful

hillside Devotionals

Our God is in the heavens; He does all that He pleases.



You might think the most comforting, important truth about God is that He loves us. He loves me! And I agree with you, except for one thing: it wouldn’t be such a big deal if a weak, limited God loved me.

It is His power to “do all things He pleases” which makes His existence and love for us so significant. How could we rely on Him if He didn’t hold all power?

If we’re honest, we have to admit we can neither change people or fix our worst problems. No possessions, successful careers, or even cinematic superheroes can take away the sting of our weaknesses; but we have a God who not only can do all He pleases, He does all He pleases! Has God done something for you recently which couldn’t be accomplished except through His total, complete power?

For me, the answer is yes. He restored a broken relationship, returned a long-lost friendship, solved a financial problem in a supernatural way, and gave spiritual insight and hope to a loved one who wanted to give up. My God is powerful! Start your list today.


Sandi Goforth