From The Lips of Children – The Garza Family

hillside Testimony

 From the lips of children and infants You have ordained praise on account of Your adversaries, to silence the enemy and avenger.



At Hillside, we want not only to witness and acknowledge the miraculous changes God orchestrates in His church, but to also celebrate them! Every time He moves, there is cause to bring the Glory back to Him, and we are so blessed to be able to praise Him and His mighty hand. We recently heard about an amazing story of the Gospel, spread through our children, bringing a family to know Christ and what He has done for us. What a gift, that we get to be a part of His plan, His purposes, and His work! 

Lauren shared, “The Garza family moved in next door to us shortly after we started attending Hillside Fellowship. We had been searching for a church home for a while, and had found it at Hillside. The Garza kids and my kids began playing together almost daily from day one, and became very close. My kids began talking about Jesus and the Bible to their new friends. They really enjoyed sharing the Gospel with Thomas and Katie who had never been exposed to the Gospel, apart from a couple of church visits with their grandma. Our son, Nolan, had recently made the decision to be baptized and was very excited about it. He kept telling Thomas and Katie how he was going to be baptized and they had no idea what that meant, so he explained it to them.

It wasn’t long before the kids wanted to have a sleepover. So, one Saturday night, we had them over to spend the night. The next morning, we began getting ready for church and invited the Garza kids to come with us. They gladly accepted and attended with us. This happened again several weeks later. Two of my children, Weston and Jaidyn, both told me that Thomas and Katie had a lot of questions about the Bible and Jesus. They were trying to answer all of their questions as best as they could. I even remember Jaidyn pulling out her Bible to point things out to them. Soon, the Garza kids began talking about church to their parents, Teri and Mike.”

“It was my son who, uneducated in the word of the Lord, came to me and asked me if I believed in God. I replied, “I believe with my head but I question with my heart.” At the time he was 6 years old. When I asked him, does he believe in God? Without a second of thought he said, “YES.” It was as if he was saying that’s the only answer, duh. When I asked why he believed in God he said, “I saw him…and He looked like a really cool guy.” At that point chills went through my whole body. I think that moment allowed for a small crack in my black, damaged, rock solid heart for Jesus to crawl in and start planting some seeds.” Teri shared.

“A day came when Teri asked if her whole family could come to church with us.” wrote Lauren, “Looking over at Teri and Mike those first couple of visits, it was obvious that they were very moved by the sermons.”

“We had been to a few other churches. They were okay and we had planned to go back.” Teri noted. “My husband and I have had long (difficult) lives up to this point and as we look back we know God has always been there, we just haven’t always accepted it. We know that God lead us to Hillside because He knew what we needed…Once I let Him into my heart, the only word that I could come across was calmness. There was such calm. 30 years of my life I’ve never felt calm and then all of a sudden, there was just peace, and calm, and quiet, and GOD.”

“On baptism Sunday, the whole Garza family witnessed our son, Nolan, get baptized and realized that this is what they want for their whole family; To know the savior’s love and allow Him to be the author of their lives, in relationship with Him forever.” Lauren rejoiced. “The Garzas are now regular attenders at Hillside, reading their Bibles together, and their whole family will be baptized on July 15th! Praise God!”