God is Sovereign in Salvation

hillside Devotionals

ROMANS 9:1-24

So great is our God that He brought us forth from eternity to dwell on earth for a short time then to bring us home for eternity. We are chosen by God and belong to God’s Kingdom. With His sovereignty and power throughout the universe WE CAN OVERCOME!

Our salvation comes from God’s sovereign choice and He predestined the life of man. GOD CHOSE US! Before the foundation of the world HE planned salvation. HE has provided an escape from His wrath by sacrificing His son, Our savior, Jesus Christ. It is not our will we are born into God’s family, but God’s will.

May we not despair when we are chastened by God, knowing that He chastens us so we become partakers of His Holiness. We are called by His divine grace unto holiness.

Our Heavenly Father has anointed us for good times and has anointed and empowered us to go through hard times. Let us be ready at all times to share the good news and exalt His name proclaiming His supremacy of power throughout the world.


Gayle Wills