hillside Devotionals

Redemption is the grand theme of the bible. God’s plan to redeem (buy back) sinners from the slavery of sin and death is THE greatest story ever told. The hero of that story is Jesus, our Redeemer. 

In Mark 10 we see Jesus taking his disciples aside to tell them his plan for redemption, which involved dying a tortuous death (v. 33-34). Instead of being shocked and dismayed or even grateful, John and James ask Jesus to do something for them. (As if setting them free from sin and death wasn’t enough!)

Jesus asked both men (v. 36) “What do you want me to do for you?” These disciples looked at their physical circumstances and gave an answer that satisfied their flesh – they wanted to sit in a place of honor with Jesus in his kingdom. But Jesus had a far better answer prepared for them! In v. 45, Jesus tells them He came to ransom their souls. His purpose in living a life they couldn’t live, was to die a death they couldn’t die. He answered the deepest need they didn’t even know they had. 

Where do you need Jesus’ redeeming work in your heart today?