Faith Lab @ Home – VBS 2020

hillside Hillside Kids

We all look forward to the energy and fun connection of Vacation Bible School but let’s review the evolution of VBS.

“The vacation church school was started to gather idle children into unused churches where unoccupied teachers might keep them busy in a wholesome way in a wholesome environment.” Eliza Hawes of New York City in 1898

Over the years it has become entertaining, interactive and more joyful than the original structure.

This year we are shifting the experience of VBS. I can blame the Corona Virus but maybe, just maybe, this VBS will grow us, our children, and the Kingdom of God in ways we could never imagine. It is different than anything we at Hillside have done before but let’s try it! If 100 of us step out to present this Gospel-centered, interactive lesson material to children who live near us, what might happen? 

Begin in prayer to see where, who and how God might be preparing a work for you to do with your children, then share with us how He worked to bring the Gospel into your home and neighborhood.

Join us as we embark on “more works in more places” right in our own homes and neighborhoods. Click the link below for registration information. We can’t wait to see what God will do in and through YOU!