Equipping Resources


Every believer at Hillside is gifted by the Spirit of God. We want to provide clear roadmaps for discipleship, membership and leadership. Our Equip Team provides Bible Studies, leadership and theological training, marriage classes, parenting classes and more.


Naomi is empty. She is marked by the absence of human life, activity and comfort. External circumstances out of her control are obstacles in her journey to find fullness and rest. Can you relate?

Told from a woman’s point of view, the book of Ruth details Naomi’s devastation and restoration, Ruth’s loyalty and friendship, and Boaz’s redemptive care and devotion. We’ll study the interplay of grace and faith in each of them and in their relationships, and learn more about the God Who can be trusted for a glorious ending.

The Women’s mini-study meets on Wednesday mornings at 9:30a OR evenings at 8:00p from April 8 - April 29. Each recorded video lesson will be uploaded and available the following Thursday of each session.


Ephesians has been called the "Grand Canyon" of Scripture. Its majesty and beauty, as well as its practicality, make it a favorite book for many. Paul's letter dives into the deepest and most significant spiritual truths of the Christian life, and how we live those out in real life with others. It's impossible to walk away from this book without a clearer picture of our true identity as believers. Paul tells us who we were apart from Christ, and who we have become as a result of Christ's work. But he also gives us one of the most complete pictures of God in the Bible. In this book, we're not only awed by the glory of God, but we find hope and gratitude in the middle of difficult circumstances. Through Ephesians, we find we're invited into an intimate relationship with our God.