What is AWE? The letters mean A Wife of Excellence, but that’s still a bit vague. Our 11-week class, offered twice a year, is for three basic groups of women. First, for the over-forty-five wife who has a good, or even great, marriage right now, but wonders what challenges await on the other side of menopause and when the last child leaves home. If this is you, AWE is for you.

But AWE is also for wives who, after decades of a good marriage, want to emotionally and romantically reconnect, but find that interest in intimacy has tanked. And it’s not just wives who suffer; husbands struggle with symptoms of aging way earlier than they ever thought possible. We wives can help our men. Come and learn how.

The third group of wives are just curious about what God says regarding intimacy in autumn marriage. Does He even care? In our AWE classes we learn that God does care and wants us to get back to a sweet place of intimacy that blesses the home, the grown kids, the grandkids, and the community. Join us as we become wives of excellence during this wonderful season!

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Jan 14 2021


10:00 am - 11:00 am
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