We exist to worship God

By proclaiming Jesus

Making disciples

Rooted in the Word of God

Empowered by the Spirit of God.


Our desire is to make disciples of Jesus

Who press on to maturity in Him

Equipped and deployed by Him

To serve and reach others for Him.

"It is our heart to be a WINSOME People"

At Hillside we believe that Jesus Changes Everything! We want to be a people that live humbly under the authority of God’s Word and joyfully under the Kingship of Jesus. It is our heart to be a people that are warm and welcoming to every soul that we encounter. An inviting people that inspire people to come and join on the mission that Jesus has set before us. A nurturing and safe body, where people can be free to be vulnerable, to grow and to flourish. And optimistic people, who focus on the mattering-things of life, and really enjoy and encourage each other.

Knowing that we struggle in this fallen world and can never live this out perfectly, we depend on one another to be honest and authentic, patient and forgiving, extenders and recipients of extravagant grace. And we rest in the goodness of God, remembering that we are not on our own. It is His mighty power at work within us, and He is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.

Our fundamental beliefs are based on Scripture and are included as Article III of our Constitution. Please click the button below to read through our Constitution and Bylaws.

Constitution + Bylaws



In a world of transient trends and ever evolving ideologies, the Bible is unchanging truth from an unchanging God.


Rather than being the work of church staff and missionaries, we believe that all followers of Jesus are called to this mission – to carry the message of God’s truth and grace to the people and places He has ordained for us.


In a culture of extreme independence and autonomy, we believe the church is called to the very different ideal of radical interdependence.


In prayer, we pour out praise and gratitude for who God is and all He has done. And it is in prayer that we cast our own anxieties on Him, lift up others in their troubles, and plead for the needs of the world, confident that He always hears and deeply cares.


Knowing that conflicts are inevitable in this life, we seek to resolve them with one another in a way that honors God and reflects a heart guided by His grace.


As His disciples we joyfully seek to follow His example, using every gift and opportunity He has given us to serve the body and our communities, and to advance His mission and kingdom all across the earth.


We can confess our sins and struggles and receive help and healing only when we understand that in Christ we have nothing to prove and nothing to hide.