Give At Hillside

On Giving

The Bible teaches that the earth and everything in it belongs to the Lord. Flowing from this truth is the reality that God does not need anything from us. So when He directs His people to give of their resources, whether through the Old Testament tithe or the New Testament call to generosity, we believe it is the loving command of a God who knows that we need to give for our own good. Financial giving encourages us to trust the Lord as our provider. It is a tangible way that we resist the temptation to store up for ourselves treasures on earth. And it gives us one practical way to support and partner with gospel work locally and globally. The leadership of Hillside takes very seriously the role to steward all of the resources given to the church in a way that is above reproach, full of wisdom, and Christ-exalting.

Ways to Give

The New Testament teaches believers to give freely and joyfully to the Lord and not in a way that is to be seen by men. There are three avenues we have created in order to encourage our body to give in this manner: