We believe that Jesus isn’t done seeking and saving the lost. He truly is the hope of the world and He longs to change every heart. Our desire is to build a platform from which we can effectively launch more works in more places so that more people will be changed by Jesus.


We exist to worship God

By proclaiming Jesus

Making disciples

Rooted in the Word of God

Empowered by the Spirit of God.

Campus Rendering of Gathering Spaces

Campus Rendering of Main Entrance

We desire to keep 'The Main Things', the main things. That means focusing on the truth of the Gospel and living in that truth.

Pastor Dave Tooker

Facilitating the mission

Throughout the process of this facilities project, we have always come back to the reason why...Why are we taking on this project? The answer is, to facilitate the mission to which God has called us by building a launchpad. Keeping that purpose at the center of this project allows us to clearly align under our ministry strategy while designing the new facility. Here you can see the updated floorplan with spaces that could be used for each area of Hillside's ministry strategy.

When it comes to our facilities and resources, our aim is to use and invest them in ways which glorify God and advance our mission. We know that we have been blessed with an incredible piece of property, in an incredible location, that is filled with incredible opportunities to serve. This past year, we embarked on a journey to improve our facilities and add additional capacity for developing and equipping disciples who are empowered to reach others with the good news of Jesus. We began construction on the project in February of 2022 with a goal of completion in 2023. Detailed below are several questions and answers related to the project and our facility plans for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does the project hope to accomplish?
We simply desire for facilities that embody our vision (Jesus Changes Everything) and mission (to make disciples) while allowing us to live out our core values. The key areas our project will focus on improving include: parking and roadways, auditorium seating, community and fellowship space, kids/student/adult class room space, administrative and office space, and the needed infrastructure to support the planned improvements.

What is the expected timeline for the project?
After wrapping up the design phase and securing the needed permits we officially began construction in February of 2022. At this point we are estimating that the project will be complete by the end of 2023!

What level of communication will Hillside leadership have with the church family during the construction phases of the project?
We believe that transparent communication with the body will be vitally important on this project. During construction we will provide periodic updates to the body via our website and newsletter. We also anticipate to schedule at least one or two meetings during the construction to update our body on the project’s progress and plans moving forward. As soon as we have information on the dates of the meetings we will let you know. Our desire is to invite our church family to participate with us and we seek to share information that addresses this desire. Should you have additional questions related to communication plans, you can reach out to the Hillside Leadership Team at info@hillsidefellowship.org.

Who are we working with on this project?
We have a fantastic team of partners on this project who are dedicated to working alongside us and posses a high degree of competency. Our architect on the project is Studio8 and Metropolitan Contracting serves as the general contractor. For a complete list of our project partners send us an email at info@hillsidefellowship.org

How much do we expect to spend on the project?
The current budget for the project is $18,900,000. We are using a mixture of cash and financing to pay for it. That said, our desire is to retire any debt we have as quickly as possible. On both of the past two major building projects we pursued, we were able to retire the debt aggressively and several years ahead of schedule. For information on our project budget and finances, send us an email to info@hillsidefellowship.org.

How can the church family get involved?
Our hope is to work closely with our church family throughout this project in a few different ways:

1) Pray – please join us in praying over this project. We want God to be glorified and Jesus to be preached in everything we do, including this project. We ask you to join us in praying that God’s direction and wisdom would be made evident to the elders and staff team of Hillside.

2) Participate – please make plans to join us as we embark on this project by attending our town halls, reading up on our plans, and providing any feedback and questions you have. We want this to be a family endeavor and want to hear from you!

3) Provide – if God lays it on your heart to give towards this project we want to provide opportunities for you to do so. Although we have never been big on pledges and capital campaigns at Hillside, we do want to be transparent and honest about our financial needs. Giving specifically for the project can be done by designating that your donation be applied to the “Building Fund”. All funds given to the Building Fund are set aside explicitly for the project. If you wish to give towards the project you can do so by clicking here. In the future we will provide additional information related to the cost of the project, our financial needs, and opportunities to give.

I have additional questions about the project, who should I contact?
We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions or feedback as we move forward please feel free to reach out to the elder and staff teams directly at info@hillsidefellowship.org.