Next Steps Leadership Class

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Interested in taking the next step in our Hillside Leadership Development process?

- 3:00pm
Building 2

Contact: Belinda Dunn, Equip Team Lead

We’d love to invite anyone who might be interested to take the NEXT STEP in our Hillside Leadership Development process.

The Equip Ministry exists to exalt Christ through training the body to do the work of God for the glory of God (Ephesians 4:11-16). Regardless of where you serve at Hillside, we desire to invest in your growth as a leader through shepherding and on-going training.

Why should you attend another training? Here are 3 important reasons:

1. As Dave Tooker loves to say, “Who we are together is more important than what we do.” We’ll focus on what it means to serve together through the common mission, values and culture of Hillside. You’ll grow in your understanding of who we are as a team. Missional team alignment will be a key goal of this training.

2. The best leaders are learners. All of us – at whatever stage of leadership we’re in – need to grow in our leadership competency. Robert Coleman says, “Failure isn’t our biggest challenge. Refusing to learn and grow and change is.” So we’ll focus on the importance of self-leadership in learning, loving, doing and resetting. Learning how to become fully-integrated leaders (head, heart, strength & soul) will be a key goal for our time together.

3. The best leaders are disciplers. Dave Ferguson says, “We always reproduce who we are!” Through studying 2 Timothy, we’ll explore the power and perseverance of the gospel and the importance of WHY we serve Christ through serving His people. Paul tells us in 2 Timothy 1:9 that we have a “holy calling”, centered in Christ and rooted in eternity. This training will emphasize the eternal nature of our service. As Dave says, “We’re not here to help people make decisions, but we’re here to help make disciples.” Learning how to be disciple-makers in our areas of service will be a key goal of our training.

Our NEXT STEPS Leadership Class begins January 29, 2023. We’ll meet for 4 Sunday sessions – Jan 29, Feb 26, Mar 26, and Apr 23 - from 1p-3p.

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