Jesus is King: Jesus is Our Peace

Nov 27, 2022Dave SchafferJesus is ...Matthew 1:18-25

Notes Outline


  1. Plan of Peace (Matthew 1:18)

  2. Problem of Peace (Matthew 1:18b-19)

  3. Promise of Peace (Matthew 1:20-24)

  4. Prince of Peace (Matthew 1:25)


  1. As you listened to the sermon today, in what ways was the Lord speaking to your heart?

  2. How do you view the ‘problem of peace’ in your life? Do you see anything in your life that might indicate that you’re a peace faker or peace breaker? What do you think Jesus might be calling you to grow as His representative peacemaker on earth?

  3. How does the ‘promise of peace’ as an ongoing truth help grow you as a disciple of Jesus? How do the reminders of God’s presence through His Scriptures, His Son, His Spirit and the Saints impact your walk with Jesus?

  4. How is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 6:9) working in your life today to uncover the unmet desires and demands that James 4:1-3 points out as the source of all our interpersonal conflict? How is Jesus growing your heart to see the hidden motives and desires?


Matthew 1:18-25