Jesus in Genesis: God is Not in a Hurry, He Grows Things

Mar 20, 2022Dave TookerJesus in GenesisGenesis 12:1-9

Notes Outline

God is Not in a Hurry; He Grows Things


  • Pursues Us (Genesis 11:29-32)

  • Points Us (Genesis 12:1)

  • Promises Us (Genesis 12:2-3)

  • Patient with Us (Genesis 12:4-9)


  1. God isn’t in a hurry; He grows things. He plants seeds of truth and loves to watch them grow (James 1:21). The PH balance of the soil of our heart often determines if the seed will develop or die. (PH = Potential humility or potential haughtiness). What do you perceive the PH balance in your heart is?

  2. (Genesis 11:29-32) Abraham came out of a demonic past (Joshua 24:2). Many of us are enslaved by past sins, convinced that we are too bad to be used by God in His story. We believe our sin is greater than our Savior. This pride keeps the PH balance of our hearts toxic and nothing good can grow. God's not put off by our problems, He is put off by our pride (James 4:6). How can you humble yourself today and ask Him to grow you in His grace?

  3. (Genesis 12:1) Often our hearts become attached to the possessions, people and priorities of the world. God asks us to let go in order to grow. What are some things you need to let go of in order to grow? How do these things mess with the PH balance of your heart soil?

  4. (Genesis 12:3-4) God’s story is about His ability, not our ability. God makes promises to us of what He will do and asks us to simply trust Him. Many of us have been lied to and disappointed in this world and we struggle to believe that God will do what He says He will do. What promises of God do you find yourself struggling with? How does this affect the PH of your heart soil?