Jesus in Genesis: God Remembers + Responds

Mar 13, 2022Allyn AndersonJesus in GenesisGenesis 8-11

Notes Outline

God Remembers + Responds


  • God Remembers (Genesis 8:1-5, 20-21)

  • Sin Remains (Genesis 9:20-25)

  • Sin Ruins (Genesis 10:6-14, 11:4-8)

  • God Responds (Genesis 11:31-32)


  1. (Genesis 8:1-5, 20-21) This passage tells us that God remembered Noah and all that were with him in the ark. What does it mean that God “remembered?” What does God promise after the events of the flood? What does this reveal about God’s heart towards us?

  2. (Genesis 9:20-25) It is evident that even after the events of the flood, sin remained on earth. Noah’s actions and the broken relationship between him and his son reveal what about the nature of sin? Have you ever thought that the answer to your relational brokenness could be found in changing your external circumstances? Has there been a time in your life when a change in circumstances fixed everything? Why or why not?

  3. (Genesis 10:6-11, 11:4-8) The tower of Babel and the works of Nimrod demonstrate the gifts and abilities of humanity. God has truly blessed his creation with enormous power and capabilities. Has there been a time in your life when your gifts and talents led you away from God? What does it look like to use your gifts and talents as an act of humble worship and adoration towards God?

  4. (Genesis 11:31-32) In this passage we see the beginnings of God’s call upon Abraham’s life through the actions of his father Terah (Terah moved his family from Ur with the intention of settling in Canaan). Next week we will see how God started an enormous work through the life of Abraham. Even though sin remains upon the earth and humanity continues in its brokenness, God has a plan. God has begun to prepare the way for the arrival of his Son, Jesus. Is it encouraging to know that God has a plan for healing and redemption regardless of the circumstances? Where does your heart need to be encouraged with this truth?