John: Jesus is God - The Word

Feb 05, 2023Dave TookerJohn: Jesus is GodJohn 1:1-18

Notes Outline


I. The Rationale (John 1:1-3;14)

II. The Rejection (John 1:4-11)

III. The Reception (John 1:12-18)


  1. What stuck out to you most from the sermon?

  2. What do you believe God is like? Why do you believe God is like that? Jesus is called the Word. Words clarify, communicate, and connect us. How does Jesus clarify, communicate, and connect us to God? (John 1:1-3;14;18)

  3. The light came and many rejected the light. Where do you reject the truth about yourself? Where do you seek to adjust the light instead of adjusting to the light? In what area can you take a step toward the light today? (1 John 1:7)

  4. John invited people to receive Jesus by cleaning house, repenting, admitting, and accepting that what God says about us is true. Where do you need to clean house by repenting?


John 1:1-18