John: Jesus is God - Born Again

Mar 13, 2023Dave TookerJohn: Jesus is GodJohn 3:1-21

Notes Outline


I. Who it is for (3:1-3)

II. What it is (3:4-8)

III. How it happens (3:9-15)

IV. Why it matters (3:16-21)


  1. What stuck out to you most from the sermon?

  2. (John 3:1-3) The Gospel is for the social elite and the social outcast. Most of us spend most of our lives trying to prove we don't need the Gospel. In what ways do you try to prove you don't need the Gospel? What trophies do you hold onto to impress people?

  3. (John 3:4-8) The Gospel is an invitation to start over, to be born again and start from the beginning. Why is it hard to lay down our trophies and start over? Which trophy do you find most difficult to lay down?

  4. (John 3:9-15) The Gospel invites us to see Jesus and submit to Jesus. We all look to something for salvation, what do you tend to look to most often?


John 3:1-21