John: Jesus is God - Good News-ing

Apr 02, 2023Dave TookerJohn: Jesus is GodJohn 4:31-42

Notes Outline


I. Life

II. Light

III. Love


  1. What stuck out to you most from the sermon?

  2. (John 4:31-38) Jesus describes evangelism as food for His soul. How do you view evangelism? What has your past experience been with evangelizing? Do you view it as a thing of pressure or pleasure?

  3. (John 4:39) Evangelism requires truth - truth about sin, truth about our lives, and truth about our condition before a Holy God. Why is the woman at the well so excited by being told “everything she had ever done”? How have you experienced the truth setting you free?

  4. (2 Corinthians 5:14-21) Sin shames, blames, and names us. What were some of your old names, shame, and blame that you carried? What are the new names He has given to you?


John 4:31-42