John: Jesus is God - He Went to Him

Apr 16, 2023Dave TookerJohn: Jesus is GodJohn 4:43-54

Notes Outline


I. Pursuit (John 4:43-45)

II. Problem (John 4:46-48)

III. Power (John 4:49-50)

IV. Provision (John 4:51-54)


  1. What stuck out to you most from the sermon?

  2. (John 4:46-47) Where did the royal official’s pain and problem lead him? How do you view pain and problems? Where do you go to alleviate your pain and problems? Where would Jesus have you repent and go to Him?

  3. (John 4:49-54) The royal official’s suffering led him to the Savior. How did God work this man’s suffering for his good? Has He ever used suffering in your life for good?

  4. How can you help people meet their Savior in their suffering?


John 4:43-54