John: Jesus is God - He is Lord and Savior

Apr 30, 2023Allyn AndersonJohn: Jesus is GodJohn 5:30-47

Notes Outline


I. Jesus Makes a Claim on His Authority (John 5:30)

II. Witnesses to the Claim (John 5:31-40)

III. Is it a Matter of the Head or the Heart? (John 5:41-47)

IV. A Burning and Shining Lamp (John 5:35


  1. What stuck out to you most from the sermon?

  2. Why is Jesus’ claim on His deity centrally important to the Gospel?

  3. Jesus outlined several supporting points to His claim on deity. Why do you think He did this?

  4. Which aspect of faith in Jesus do you find yourself doubting or struggling the most to believe at times? How can God use Scripture, His Spirit, or the Saints to strengthen your faith?

  5. Jesus tells His audience that even in the midst of overwhelming evidence, they struggle to believe because the hope of their hearts lies elsewhere. For the religious leaders, this was their ability to follow the commands of Moses. What do you find yourself most likely to put your hope in besides Jesus? Why?

  6. We all look to someone or something for authority, direction, influence, and purpose in our lives. What does it look like for you to keep Jesus as THE central authority in your life? How does this impact directly the way you choose to live your life?


John 5:30-47