John: Jesus is God - Feeding on Jesus

May 14, 2023Dave TookerJohn: Jesus is GodJohn 6:41-71

Notes Outline


Reasons we don't feed on Jesus:

  1. Common (John 6:40-42)

  2. Convicting (John 6:43-51)

  3. Confusing (John 6:52-58)

  4. Costly (John 6:59-71)


  1. What stood out most from the passage?

  2. Our physical bodies need food, so does our soul. What are some ways you feed your soul? What do you feed your soul?

  3. Where has Jesus become too common? What do you feed on instead of Jesus? (John 6:40-42)

  4. Where does Jesus most often confront and convict you? (John 6:43-51)

  5. Where do you choose comfort over the cost of following Jesus? Have you come to the point of believing that there is nowhere else you can go other than Jesus? (John 6:59-71)

  6. What is a step you can take to feed your soul Jesus today?


John 6:41-71