John: Jesus is God - Jesus in Conflict

May 21, 2023Dave TookerJohn: Jesus is GodJohn 7:1-24

Notes Outline


  1. Conflict with Family (John 7:1-9)

  2. Conflict with Friends (John 7:10-14)

  3. Conflict with Foes (John 7:15-24)


  1. What stood out most from the passage?

  2. Where does conflict come from? (James 4:1-3) Are you often aware of what you desire when you are in conflict?

  3. (John 7:1-9) How did Jesus handle conflict with His brothers? How long does it take for Jesus' relationship with His brothers to be mended? Do you demand reconciliation on your timeline or God’s?

  4. (John 7:10-14) How did Jesus handle conflict with the crowds? Why does conflict have the power to so easily distract us from the mattering things? Where are you distracted from the mattering things because of conflict? How can you give those distractions to Jesus today?

  5. (John 7:15-24) How did Jesus handle conflict with the religious clowns that were trying to harm Him? Where do you need to grow in setting boundaries? Where do you need to grow in speaking boldly?


John 7:1-24